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Pigeon Baby Nose Cleaning Tweezers Pigeon

Average Customer Review 4.5 out of 5 stars (131 customer reviews) “These tweezers have soft rounded tips for safely gently getting out the dried up buggies……”

Pigeon Nail Scissor (New Born Baby)

Average Customer Review 4.9 out of 5 stars (99 customer reviews) “This’s a great Scissor for the baby. This scissor do a good job to cut the nail not baby skins…….”

Mommy’s Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok

“I think this is the best toilet lock ever. I have a very active 15 month old who loves to throw stuff into the toilet and this lock has stopped him every time……”

Mavala Switzerland Mavala Stop Cuticle Care Products

works but use with caution on young children This product definitely has helped my three year old break the thumb sucking habit, but it should be used cautiously. For external use only. Not for children under 3 years old.