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Online us stores ship to canada?

” I’ve received quite a few questions from readers regarding what US based online stores ship to Canada and other international destinations. Below is brief list of stores that ship abroad and of stores that don’t (Target still doesn’t ship abroad, which seems like a lost opportunity to me). If you know of any other stores, please feel free to add them below.

Who ships to Canada
American Eagle
eBay- Make sure to check where the seller ships BEFORE bidding must call 1-888-888-4757 must call 001-1-513-573-8170 for international shipping
YOOX.COM and (via AccessUSA)
Bare Necessities (via it’s UK site) – looks like they don’t ship to Canada anymore. Thanks for the info ceci 🙂 Must have a Canadian Billing and Shipping Address. rates are ridiculous but sometimes sale prices justify it
Thanks for the info M@ 🙂 free shipping to canada
Thanks for the info lisalikespink 🙂
Thanks for the info cubalis 🙂 shipping fees, duties, etc. apply
Thanks for the info jenn 🙂

Who doesn’t ship to Canada
SaksFifthAvenue – thanks for the info Matt 🙂

For those who want to purchase from the above sites, you can sign up for a service called Access-USA, which creates a US mailing address for you to use for purchases (and things like magazines) and then forwards the items to your international address. A word of caution: the service isn’t cheap, but if you live in China and are desperate for that Isaac Mizrahi dress, this is an option.”


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